Email Solution

There is absolutely no sitation that as an Internet marketing email solution HTML Newsletters is more attractive than plain text. Using HTML for your newsletters and in your email marketing system provides a large variety of ways for you to incorporate colors, fonts and images that you would love for your subscribers to see. They are also great for branding your Internet business.

Using your newsletter or Internet email marketing to show the same logo, colors and even your photograph on a regular schedule you can influence feelings of trust in you subscribers. This is a great way to help your subscribers become comfortable Email Solution with you and your product or service. By creating this comfort and trust through your email marketing system and in your name or brand you will also increase your product or service sales and profits.

By using HTML as your email marketing solution on the other hand, it is much more likely to get caught up in spam filters which drastically reduces delivery rate. One of the main reasons for this is because a high percentage of spammers use graphics in their email marketing system, in an attempt to show words that would have triggered spam filters without them. Unfortunate strike against using HTML as your email marketing solution is that many users have opted to block graphics of every type in their email. It is an easy choice to make when you are getting 30 to 50 emails each day that use graphics to advertise their male enhancements and other high turnover products.

Corporate Email Solution

Basic Features of Corporate Mail Solution

Mail Space can be utilized as per needs on End-User to End-User basis
3-Level Anti Spam
Content Filtering
SMTP / POP3 / IMAP Mail Server & Gateway
Mail User / Mail Forwarding / Mail Aliasing / Auto Responders
Domain Administrator Level & End User Level Interface to manage Features

End Users Features

Complete web interface check their email from any computer
Multi-language support for the webmail interface
User Preferences including Password Management
Auto-responders and Online address book
Built-in spell check that is available in multiple languages
Spam and content filtering at both the Admin and user levels

Domain Administrator Features

Catch-all Aliases and Domain wide Aliasing
Create Mail users, Edit and Remove as per needs
Modify Mail Quota and Attachment Size for Individual Mail Users
Set preferences of Individual Mail Users about password change facility
Set Mail Forwarding / Set Auto Responders / Set Aliasing for Individual Mail Users
Statistics for users like Bandwidth Usage, Space Usage, Mail Sent & Receive

Personal Email Solution

Our personal email solution features you can personalize with your own identity at Ahead WebCloud, We offers personalized email that is fast, reliable and spam free. With Ahead WebCloud Personal Mail, you will have no advertisements or pop-up offers Personal Email Solution. And to help keep your personal email inbox uncluttered, we provide outstanding anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Check out below all that is included with your account.

POP3 - IMAP Email

IMAP lets you access all of your messages and folders no matter where you are or what computer or browser you are using. Whether you are using POP or IMAP, allows you to use your favorite email program such as Outlook, Entourage, Netscape and many others.


We provide a customized Webmail solutions to fit your needs. It gives you access to all your messages, folders, address book, etc, and easy Web-based Administration.


Our anti-virus and anti-spam ensure that your email solution is always secure and reliable


Real-time access via the web and 99.99% uptime means you have access to your information whenever you need it.50 MB Storage We provide 50 MB of space for your emails. Most users never get close to this.

Email Marketing Solution

Thousands of small businesses and non-profit organizations depend on Vertical Response to send their email marketing campaigns. Whether you are sending an email newsletter to a dozen faithful fans or an email marketing promotion to 10,000, we simplify your Email Marketing Solution so you can overcome the ten million other things on your to-do list. We are one of the largest, fastest growing and trusted email marketing providers.

Our Advanced Services As Follows

Robust Email creation Tools
Exceptional Email Delievery
Detail Email Reporting & Statistics
Save Money With Vertical Response
Out Standing Customer Support & Help Support

Spam Filter & Solution

Spam is a term used to mean unwanted, bulk e-mail that clogs your e-mail inbox and is often annoying. A spam filter is a program that will actually capture e-mails that look like spam before they are sent to your in-box.

Ahead WebCloud works with POP, IMAP, Gmail and AOL to download your email before it is delivered to you, sort out the spam, and then just delivers the good mail to you. You can use CAPTCHA to verify senders, set up white lists for individual emails or entire domains, customize verification emails, download lists that include a week's spam and more. The service is free for single email accounts that receive less than 1,000 spam messages a week. If you need to cover multiple accounts or have more spam than the free levels, you can pay for a premium account.